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Exceptional Customer Service Courses & the HABIA Accreditation

We are delighted to announce the accreditation of (CPD) Continuous Professional Development hours by HABIA, The Hair & Beauty Industry Authority for all of our courses. This magnificent accreditation will ensure once you have completed the course you will be able to implement your new founded skills to offer your clients exceptional customer service in the salon environment.

Our Courses

Face to Face Group Course

A one day – Meet, Greet, Body Language and First Impressions A highly interactive course designed to learn the best ways to meet and greet your clients.

Covering – 

  • Reception and greeting your clients
  • Phone etiquette
  • Body language skills
  • Empathy
  • Eye contact, tone of voice and small talk

With video’s and group discussions we will cover all aspects of this area of customer service training. You will be taking an assignment project to complete at home in order that skills taught will stay with you, we guarantee you will leave the course with a number of skills to create better relationships with your clients, build confidence in communicating with your clients and move forward in your career.

We have two E Learning courses available, both courses have valuable CPD Accredited hours based on the content of the courses, the Accreditation is through HABIA (The Hair & Beauty Industry Authority)

Meet, Greet, Body Language & First Impressions

Value – 6 Hours CPD Accreditation, Certificate of completion awarded on completion of the course.

  • Reception and greeting your clients
  • Phone Etiquette, Voice tone and Positive body language
  • The Salon Walk in & First Impressions
  • Body Language and Reception
  • Eye Contact, Tone of Voice & Small Talk

You will be learning and putting into practice the importance of greeting your client in the best and most appropriate way possible. We discuss the elements of first impressions and how they count, positive spoken language, tonality over the phone and body language at reception and in the salon environment.

Cost £65.00 inc vat

Exceptional Customer Service Course – 8 Modules

Value – 30 hours CPD Accreditation with HABIA (The Hair & Beauty Industry Authority) Certificate of completion awarded on completion of the course

  • Module 1 – Meet, Greet, Body Language and First Impressions
  • Module 2 – Dealing with difficult situations and unhappy Clients.
  • Module 3 – The Consultation and the Importance of Listening
  • Module 4 – The Backwash & Etiquette
  • Module 5 – Retail & Educating Your Client
  • Module 6 – The Commitment & the Rebook
  • Module 7 – How To Build Your Column
  • Module 8 – Going The Extra Mile

Our ‘Exceptional Customer Service’ course is available to download HERE, an online E Learning experience that you cannot afford to miss out on, competitively priced at only £175.00 (inc vat) The course is of enormous benefit and you will learn a number of important skills such as body language in the salon, how to read your client’s body language and tonality on the phone.

The course covers an in depth look at ‘The client’s journey’ through the salon. From ‘meet, greet and body language skills’ to ‘dealing with difficult situations and unhappy clients’ and ‘going the extra mile’ This course is designed to go further into the positive and genuine relationships you with your clients on a daily basis. There are 8 Modules in total that will educate and inspire you, the learning style has been designed to include all types of learners. There are video’s to watch, role play to act out putting you in ‘real life’ situations, in order that you can be best prepared to deal with all types of negative and stressfull situations should you come across them in your working day.

There are essay style assignments within the course structure for you to complete throughout the course, these assignments are proven to

  • Increase your practical skills.
  • Pick up new skills
  • Develop critical and analytical thinking

Completing the assignments will ensure you start to use the structure of exceptional customer service, making what you do a habit rather than an act.

Please have a look at the section ‘Who should do this course’ to see how you will benefit from learning these incredibly important skills.

We hope you enjoy your course!

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