Body Language

Introduction and benefits of studying this underestimated skill set.

What is body language? It is using communication in a nonverbal way. Body language comprises almost 80% of human communication. People tend to believe the message they see rather than they hear.

Our first impressions tend to also be lasting impressions, which are often formed very quickly at the first meeting and do not detract from their strength and permanence.

There are many ways we can use body language in a positive way when dealing with customers.

When greeting your customers smile and have good eye contact, this will show your customers that you are confident and trustworthy, and they will then feel confident in you.

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    Body language speaks louder than words, you want your customers to buy into YOU!

    A positive, friendly and interested approach is likely to make your customer feel comfortable in your presence. Lean in towards your customer when talking to them, tilting your head will make them see that you are interested in what they have to say. Nodding is the most applied head movement used, this shows you are agreeing with them in a positive manor.

    Reading body language is a skill, but one that can be learnt quickly by applying it to most situations. You may have a new customer to the salon, it is a strange environment for them, and some can feel out of their depth. Remember that you are all looking your very best, hair and makeup perfect, they however are coming into the salon to look better than they do already, so they may feel on a ‘back foot’. Look at the way they are standing/sitting, do they look confident or do they look submissive, telltale signs and signals allow you to improve their time with you if they are feeling a little nervous or uncomfortable.

    In order that we start to understand our clients, we need to be able to use certain skills, these skills involve the ability to use and study body language. We can teach you the skills you will need to project confidence, trust and to make your Clients feel comfortable. There are many ways in which we can apply body language to help us in various situations.

    From helping a particular Client feel less intimidated in the Salon (We know this can be an area of concern that all salons need to work on) to empathising with our clients to earn trust. Therefore, once trust is built, we can then and only then offer a truly personal service. 55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words spoken. So, we know how important body language is, how we physically stand, approach our Clients, greet them and guide them through the Salon. All these points are covered in our in-depth Body language course.

    By making your client feel comfortable you will erase any negative feelings they may have and as a result will enjoy their experience even more.

    By studying body language with us, we can promise you the untold and often missed benefits and opportunities that come with this important but often overlooked area of sales and connection with your customers.

    So, contact us now to arrange a call back at your convenience, and to reserve your place on one of our exceptional customer service & body language courses.