Collectively we have over 50 years in the sales, retail, hairdressing salons and customer facing industries, working as a team we are able to pool our knowledge and cover all areas of client satisfaction, exceptional customer service, body language and mystery shopping.

Our E learning modules are Salon based and have been written with the hairdressing industry in mind but we can also work in all business sectors where exceptional customer service is important. Any industry where Customers are met, greeted and dealt with on a face to face basis.

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    Why Exceptional Customer service is important?

    Customers are willing to pay more for a better experience, this is a proven fact!

    Focusing on the customer experience isn’t just the latest trend — it’s also smart business. Making every touchpoint great doesn’t just make customers love you, it can also increase your profits. Surveys have shown that 86% of consumers would pay more for a better experience. Either way, good customer service experiences will benefit your bottom line figures.

    “89% of companies now expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience.”


    KISS – Keeping it stupidly simple!

    Going back to basics our highly experienced trainers offer invaluable information and have developed a series of courses to improve the way you and your staff understand the importance of this under estimated set of skills. In the past, people often chose which companies they did business with based on price, or product or the service offered, but today the overall experience is often the driving force.

    The importance of exceptional customer service and how it will benefit your business –

    Attracting new clients

    Returning clients and subsequently client loyalty to your business.

    Exceptional customer service will lead to more retail sales. Customer service is critical to competing effectively and efficiently.

    Increases trust, loyalty and builds brand awareness

    Also reduces problems, appeals to all customers. increases financial, opportunities to buy.

    Builds respect between stylists (staff) and clients

    Helps you understand your client’s needs.

    When you understand your Client, you can deliver exactly what they want and offer more!

    Customer service matters more than price.

    Exceed your client’s expectations

    They are probably expecting a certain level of service, then wow them with excellent or even better exceptional customer service

    Why you need us and what we can do for you

    We will show you the way, inspire and motivate you to develop your business to be the best it can be. We will help you deal with your problems head on, create a compelling vision, and build desire within your team

    We will help you understand what your WHY is? Unlock your strategy and when you understand your why, you will be able to deliver true exceptional customer service.